Our Recipe

Started in 2010, by brothers David and Cory Knubley, Pizza West quickly grew into the local favorite that it is today. This is not your average pizza joint, that’s for sure. The duo wanted to create a fun and friendly environment, but most importantly they wanted to create great food and a friendly staff that would keep people coming back.

At Pizza West, you will not find poor quality anywhere you look, from the food to the staff. Each element is hand crafted to create the best dining experience you can have. Are they perfect? Absolutely not, but hey they will try their best to do it right the first time or make it right.

Giving Back

Pizza West takes pride in being involved in the community it serves. From fundraisers, auctions, raffles and school prizes to sponsoring local groups, like the Special Olympics Hoop-a-thon. The returned support from the community is what pushes them ahead of the curve and brings the experience full circle.


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